The first connection between leys and orthoteny was made by Tony Wedd, a Kent industrial designer, when he brought out his small booklet Skyways and Landmarks. This dealt with leys he had discovered in his area and UFO sightings which had occurred on them. Sine then a number of other people have found orthotenies over Britain, all of which have proved to be leys, and the Great Isosceles Triangle seems to be the basis for them.

Here is a brief description of each, with reference to the accompanying map.

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1) Othery Church, Somerset (St. Michael). It is a little out of true east alignment - just enough to make it in line exactly with the base-line of the Great Isosceles Triangle (L6).
2) Marine centre off Mersea Island, very near the spot where two motorcycles were stopped by a blue glowing UFO which had landed.
3) Arbor Low stone circle, Derbyshire; the apex of the Great Isosceles Triangle. It is a magnificent circle, like a huge clock face set in the ground, and would be easily visible from the air. And old meaning of "Arbor" is "the central axis about which a wheel turns, the central support of any machine". I wonder if this could be significant, whether the circle is the central "support" of the ley system in Britain? "Low" seems to be a general name for prehistoric sites in that part of Derbyshire, judging from the number of sites on the map which have the word in thir names.
4) Reading ley centre. The site of this has not been precisely pinpointed on O.S. maps, but there has been a lot of UFO activity around Reading at various times.
5) Triangulation pillar by centre near Templeton, Devon. On L6, but not particularly high or impressive.
6) Glastonbury Tor, a high hill near Glastonbury with much legend surrounding it. There is a chapel dedicated to St. Michael on its summit.
7) Road junction ley centre at Flax Bourton, near Bristol.
8) Warminster by centre, in the south of the town. Unmarked, but has been the centre of much of the Warminster UFO activity, and the site of the "mushroom of smoke and flame" described in The Warminster Mystery by Arthur Shuttlewood, p.65. Has fourteen leys passing through it so far discovered, probably many more.
9) Godshill church, Isle of Wight. It has an interesting "angels and stones" legend; many ley centres have legends concerning supernatural beings who heave stones about. These range from angels, through King Arthur and Robin Hood, to giants. At Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, no less a person than the Devil is reputed to have thrown the hill down there, after giving up a plan to annihilate Devizes with it. I believe these are folk-memories of space beings who maybe helped to build the leys. Godshill is on a UFO trajectory ley (not orthoteny) from Finchley through the Hog's Back, Guildford.
10) Hog's Back centre, Cuildford. Unmarked on the map, but when I arrived there I found there was a clump of trees there.
ii) Sunbury Cross, an important cross-roads ley centre (has five roads leading to it).
12) Hewish church, not far from Bristol. This is a mystery as it is only 100 years old and there is no record that I could find of any earlier church being on the site. Yet it is on the junction of the Bristol-Weston orthoteny (suspected orthoteny) and the ley coming through the centre of the Zodiac, Glastonbury Tor, and Nyland Hill.
15) "The Deep", a point in the English Channel where several orthotenies and major leys meet. There is a natural fault-line in the sea-bed here, and thus it is a particularly deep spot; it is used for the disposal of radio-active waste.
14) This is the Somerset Zodiac circle, a huge ring of effigies of signs of the zodiac which is ten miles in diameter. It was discovered by Mrs. Maltwood and is described fully in Men among Mankind by Brinsley Le Poor Trench (pub1ished by Neville Spearman).
15) Dunkery Beacon, the highest point on Exmoor, which aligns with the Bristol-Weston-super-Mare orthoteny.
16) Nyland Hill, the centre of the Glastonbury complex of alignments. It is a very odd-looking hill which sticks up out of a lot of flat land.
17) An unmarked ley-orthotenic centre south of Birmingham.
18) Unmarked ley-orthotenic centre in Wandsworth at which a UFO was sighted.
19) The junction of the Great North and North Circular roads in Finchley. On two occasions a UFO has been seen here, though in both it was going in the direction of the Sunbury Cross - Hog's Back - Godshill ley.
20) A ley-orthotenic centre near Cambridge.
21) Margaretting Tye, a cross-tracks not far from Chelmsford, Essex. The base-line of the Triangle crosses Aime Michel's Calais-Southend orthoteny here.
22) Unmarked ley-orthotenic centre in Portslade or Southwick, Sussex. Any mark which had been there would now be obliterated as it is now a built-up area. It is the crossing-point of the Finchley-Wandsworth and South Coast orthotenies, and is one of the UFO sighting points on the South Coast orthoteny.
23) Ley-orthotenic centre north of Cricklade, north Wiltshire.
24) The Charlton Crater, headline news in 1965. It appeared in farmer Roy Blanchard's potato field, and was thoroughly investigated by Flying Saucer Review and UFO groups. Some students claimed to have dug it and received wide newspaper publicity, but they later admitted the claim was a hoax. No newspaper would print this admission.
25) Weston-super-Mare, one of the sites of "flying train" sightings of June 19th, 1965. British Rail denied that any of its trains were flying that day.
26) Bruton, Somerset - one of the UFO sighting points on Gordon Creighton's Charlton Crater orthoteny.
27) Ringwood, Hampshire - the other sighting point on the Charlton Crater orthoteny.
28) Sighting of "twin lights" on the trajectory orthoteny of June 3rd, 1966, at Bournemouth, Hampshire.
29) Sighting of pinkish oblong object at Yarmouth on Jan. 2nd. 1966. On South Coast orthoteny.
30) Sighting at Pitville, Cheltenham of starlike object with high-pitched buzz, September 22nd, 1965.
31) Sighting at Charlton Kings, Cheltenham of "aerobatic star" September 22nd, 1965.
32) Round object changing colour from red to blue-white seen at Bloxwich, Staffordshire, July 25th, 1963.
33) Similar report from Walsall, same date.
34) Object which sent down a beam seen at Birmingham, same date.
35) Object which beamed down rays of light seen at Stratford-on- Avon, same date.
36 & 37) Twin light UFO seen in two different parts of Birmingham at corresponding times on June 3rd, 1966 - on Bournemouth-Birmingham orthoteny.
38) A sighting from Overseal, where the Calais-Southend orthoteny crosses the perpendicular of the Triangle. A UFO came low over a car, a councillor's wife who was travelling in the car was afraid it would land on the roof. 1962.
39) A sighting of an orange object over Hendon that I made myself on Saturday, February 28th, 1967. It was only later that I noticed that Hendon is on the crossing point of the Triangle base-line and the Finchley - Hog's Back - Godshill ley.
40) Twin-light UFO seen over Carshalton, November 13th, 1963.
41) Twin-light UFO seen over Tottenham on the same date.
42) Inkpen Beacon, on the Berkshire-Wiltshire border. An important ley centre on the Triangle base-line.
43) Bristol, one of the sites of the "flying train" sightings of June 19th, 1965.
44) Sighting at Southend September 17th, 1954. One of Aime Michel's Calais-Southend orthoteny sightings. The only sighting from England that he mentions in his book.
45) Sighting at Plymouth (off the map), translucent dome with red light, January 3rd, 1966.
46) Sighting at Weymouth, on South Coast orthoteny but not on same day as other sightings. This was on April 28th, strip of light like two halfcrowns with gap between.

The Alignments
The Ringwood-Bruton orthoteny (16,26,24,27), discovered by Gordon Creighton; goes through Charlton Crater and centre in the English Channel.

The Birmingham-Stratford orthoteny (32,33,34,35,13), discovered by the late Harry Lord. Goes to centre in the English Channel.

The Finchley-Wandsworth orthoteny (suspected); (19,18,22). Discovered by myself.

The Calais-Southend orthoteny, (38,21,44), discovered by Aime Michel. This extends through France as far as Italy.

The Bristol-Weston-super-Mare orthoteny, (15,25,7,43,23, 20). A suspected orthoteny that is a UFO trajectory, formed from two of the "flying train" sightings of June 19th, 1965. It is interesting that two of the other flying train sightings that day were at sighting points on different orthotenies - Walsall and Tottenham. There was also one at Brighton, very near the Southwick centre (discovered later), on the same day. Discovered by myself.

The Tottenham-Carshalton orthoteny (suspected), (20,41,40). Discovered by myself from information by Mr.C.D. Bodimead.

The Cheltenham orthoteny, (30,31,23,13), a suspected orthoteny discovered by myself which goes through the centre in the English Channel. Note that the four major lines going through this centre in the Channel were each found by a different person - Gordon Creighton, Harry Lord, Philip Heselton and myself.

The South Coast orthoteny, (45,46,29,22), discovered by Ken Rogers.

The Bournemouth-Birmingham orthoteny (37,36,28), a trajectory orthoteny discovered by myself.

West side of the Triangle, a primary ley discovered by Philip Heselton. Known as L3. (1,16,7,32,3).

Perpendicular of the Triangle, a primary ley discovered by Philip Heselton. Known as L4. (3,38,4,13).

East side of the Triangle, a primary ley discovered by Philip Heselton. Known as L5. (3,20, 2).

Base-line of Triangle, a primary ley discovered by Philip Heselton on which much UFO activity has occurred (at Mersea, Chelmsford, North London, Reading and Warminster). Known as L6 (5,1,42,4,39,21,2).

Margaretting Tye - Channel Centre ley (21,13). I drew this to complete the diamond pattern, after I had ascertained that it was a good ley

Finchley-Godshill ley. (19,39,11,10,9). This is a UFO-trajectory ley (not orthoteny), which goes through three very important ley centres (Godshill church, Hogs' Back clump, Sunbury Cross X-roads), the Hendon sighting point, and the Finchley ley-orthotenic centre.

Glastonbury-Nyland Hill ley (12,16,6, centre of 14). An important ley in the Glastonbury complex, linking the centre of the Zodiac, Glastonbury Tor and Nyland Hill.

Dunkery Beacon - Templeton ley. (15,5). A minor ley linking these two centres.

Warminster - Charlton Crater ley. (8,24). A minor ley linking these two centres. L6 does not go through the Warminster centre, but passes just north of it.

Jimmy Goddard 1966

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